AHMETOĞLU KONSERVE TARIM LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ has been a supply company that produces canned food that does not compromise its healthy and quality product portfolio for years. Keeping the product and service quality at the highest level by considering customer needs and expectations is the primary vision of our company. We regularly allocate investment shares to quality assurance systems every year in order to provide better quality products and services to our customers.

    As AHMETOĞLU family, we are happy to see positive and negative feedbacks from you. Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to export@ahmetoglugida.com for feedback and any questions about our products and services. Your suggestions are important to us. As in our slogan, we are at your service with our natural, traditional and at the same time innovative production and management approach.

    Our Values

    Labor Discipline : Labor discipline is very important for our organization so that we can work efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the service we provide to our customers is equally important.

    Respect : Our respect for the environment, nature and people is permanent. The work we do is always within this framework.

    Team Spirit : Our success is based on team spirit. We would like to remind Henry Ford's words: "Getting together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success."

    Progress : We are an organization that is open to development and has a progressive policy. It is essential for us to learn from mistakes and improve.

Company Mission

•To be an innovative organization that keeps consumer satisfaction at the highest level and never compromises on quality and hygiene,

•To adopt a customer-oriented service system and follow technological developments and apply them,

•To comply with the requirements of food safety management systems,

•To produce quality and healthy products in accordance with nature, environment and legal rules with the support of our employees and suppliers,

Company Vision

•To create a literal taste of culture in Turkey and in the world,

•To be one of the leading companies in the sector by creating a team spirit by ensuring the participation of all our employees,

•To increase the awareness of our organization worldwide and to become a world brand that does not compromise on quality and food safety,

Our History

The history of Ahmetoğlu company is based on the activities of our esteemed elders Ahmet SÜRER and Mümtaz EKMEKÇİ, which started in 1950. In 1984, our father Ahmet SÜRER entered the food production sector by starting business activities, and the commercial activities of our company, which started in 1950, have come to this day. In 2014, Ahmetoğlu Konserve Tarım Limited Şirketi was established by starting institutionalization activities with the 3rd generation company. Our company has added value to its value by increasing its production capacity every year, taking into account customer needs and expectations, and becoming one of the respected brands in Turkey and abroad. Taking into account the diversity of vegetables and getting the cultivation in different regions of Turkey, Ahmetoğlu Konserve Tarım Limited Şirketi, raises its vegetables under expert agricultural engineers’ care by minimizing all risks that may be harmful to human health to zero. Ahmetoğlu Konserve Tarım Limited Şirketi has developed its vision over the years and has grown and added new flavors to its product range. It continues to produce mainly pickled pepper varieties, grilled vegetables, olives and sauce varieties and many organic products. Ahmetoğlu Konserve Tarım Limited Şirketi will continue to offer its various products to your tables, which it raised in different soils of Turkey, in the most natural, most delicious and healthiest way.